Academic Curriculum

Film Production – An experiential introduction to the art of narrative filmmaking. Scholars are familiarized with the art, resources, skills necessitated for creativity in this medium. Furthered, learn how to employ images in conjunction with sound, text, and narrative structure as a basis for communication. Exploring classic and contemporary filmmakers; and dissecting their work, we will examine which tools and techniques they use to communicate their ideas as effectively as possible and apply that knowledge to our collaborative group exercises where you get to emaciate your own films.

Cinematography – Cinematographers and their collaborators conjure the complex language of cinema using all the tools at their disposal. To be effective Cinematographers, they must master the skills and language of cinematography, so their images melt into the whole film. Acritical examination of the works of Charles Burnett, Ernest Dickerson, Melvin Van Peebles, Spike Lee, etc.

Theatre & Shakespeare – Introduces scholars to elements of the theatre arts production process as a collaborative art form including playwriting, acting, directing, design, and
criticism. This masterclass also focuses on William Shakespeare. From mastering iambic pentameter, discerning betwixt prose and verse, and experiencing through monologue and scene work the dramas and the comedies, this masterclass will equip you a well-rounded background to understanding and preparing a Shakespeare performance. Emphasis on Shakespeare’s Hamlet. As well as the works of August Wilson.

Communications – In this course, you will learn how to conduct research for, organize, and deliver effective presentations that allow you to explain complex ideas, persuade, and
advocate for charge. You will learn how to build and sustain meaningful relationships as well as manage conflict in those relationships.

Acting 101 – Lays the foundation for studying the discipline and art of acting, through exercises, games, reading, discussion, scene work, and analysis. We will clarify the necessity of learning the craft of acting, which requires a disciplined commitment to voice, speech, and movement training, and an intellectual rigor in dissecting text. We will focus on the work of the Ensemble above all, cultivating the unique spirit of collaboration that is inherent in the theatre.

Sports Component

At Adisa Baba Sports and Arts Academy, we are devoted and centered on the significance of athleticism, physical wellness, and healthy competition. We achieve so, through our Football/Soccer program:

Our Soccer Program embraces equity (boys and girls) clubs; and welcomes those with restricted experience with the game and those seasonal. The objective: is on recreation, competitiveness, sportsmanship, learning the ins & outs of the game, and fostering an appreciation for the fundamentals of soccer. Soccer program highlights:


  • Physical – Provide the environment for learning proper fundamental movement skills. Placing value on the imperativeness of physical education.
  • Mental – Understanding the correlation between Soccer/Football and Mental Wellness. Sports calm your mind, strengthen your muscles, and improve overall anatomy. Furthered, as the sport is “collaborative”, it allows for a moderation in stress and anxiety.
  • Cultural – “Cultural sustainability is described as the ability to retain or improve values and attitudes in the face of external forces.” Soccer/Football is a prominent
    sport in Africa and serves as the catalyst, the motor in cementing cultural unification.