Adisa Baba Sports & Arts Academy

Founded in 2014, the Adisa Baba Sports & Arts Academy is committed to the enrichment of impoverished children living in Kono, the diamond mining region of Sierra Leone.

Through the schools we sponsor, our academic scholarships, and our soccer teams we drive the children toward positive experiences that instill hope, faith and determination in their hearts and ultimately drive them toward better opportunities.

Driven by our commitment for young people, we seek worldwide support to transform communities into safe and nurturing environments for all children. The global partnerships we create, the knowledge we share and the infrastructure we build leaves a legacy that lives well beyond our contributions, making a lasting difference in our world. Our impact is felt not just through the children we help, but through the daily transformation of donors and volunteers as we fulfill our shared vision and see immediate life-changing results.

In 2015, the United Brothers and Sisters of Sierra Leone honored Adisa, the Founder and President with the Humanitarian Leadership Award.

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